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About us


Years of experience in manufacturing kitchen and bathrooms products, with unique designs, high quality, Bretany can only provide you a product that was made to last.

Uniqueness, innovation in designs, quality and precision are few words that describe the bretany brand.

Bretany offers a wide range of kitchen and bathroom products for both residential and commercial properties.
At Bretany, our main focus of producing the highest quality possible using the latest technology at the same time keeping a human hand touch to each and every product. A difficult balance between quality and costs, at Bretany, we are able to supply you with stunning looking products, with amazing quality yet at a reasonable price, It is the dream of many house owners to complete their house with only Bretany brassware and ceramic products fitted. As we aim to keep improving our products with every batch, we always try to listen to our customers's feedback and take their comments into consideration.

As in the famous quote "those who cannot change their mind, cannot change anything" so we are able to reconsider any method of our production process for the sake of quality improvement. Attention to details also is noticeable when looking at Bretany products where the quality of the various parts fitted and manufactured remains at high. We see no point in manufacturing a good looking product which is made of poor material, thus the material and components used remain the bigger settlement in the house owner's mind.

Each part of our products must undergo a seamless quality control checks before is being sent to packaging or even before being released to be assembled. After assembly the whole product would undergo few stress tests to make sure it is fault free.